Monday, September 30, 2013

Get Rip Like A Super Hero: Hulk Smash!

Recently, a new style of exercise has been making its mark within the fitness community.  This style, which involves a sledge hammer, is unconventional and fulfills a complete full body workout.

So your probably thinking well why would someone want to workout with a sledge hammer? Glad you asked. Taking a sledgehammer and hitting it against a medium to large size tire triggers various muscles throughout the body that sometimes do not get worked when using a machine in a gym.  This style of workout does involve forms of technique that begin from basic level on up to advance level.  Trust me, it is not as easy as it appears and your endurance will be tested.  Sledgehammer workouts will present some incredible benefits such as building up core strength, shredding body fat, enhancing grip and forearm strength and getting your body rip.

Follow these simple step by step directions and you will be on your way to 'Hulk Smashing' one of the best workouts ever.

1) Lay the tire on its side.
2) Take a diagonal swing stance with either foot forward and start smashing. Perform as many reps in
     30 seconds.
3) Rest 20 seconds; swing from the opposite side.
4) Switch to overhead swings.
5) Rest up to two minutes and repeat all the swings.

 At the end of it all, doing four to five sets total will get the juices flowing and muscles pumped.  Start strong and stay consistent in this workout regime, possibly adding it to your cardio routines so that you can get the most out of building your core.


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