Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ASK THE MONEY GUY: My Credit Is Horrible, Is It Too Late To Fix It?

  The most common question that exists when it comes to conquering debt and acquiring financial freedom is 'My credit score is too low, how can I fix get it back up higher?' Well, today ladies and gentlemen you will find out two simple methods that can when used correctly will help sky rocket that slumping credit score.  The two methods that we will look into consist of using a secured credit card and a personal loan.

  Let us jump right in here.  The secured credit card is a form of revolving credit that has is backed by an amount of cash as the collateral which becomes your credit limit for the card.  Most of your financial institutions offer this form of card, but you may not see it advertised as much.  The basis behind the card is that it is primarily used to help rebuild or establish credit for you if you have limited or none.  Simply use the card on purchases like groceries, gas, salon, etc. once a month, then pay the balance off once the billing cycle comes due.  Remember the point of the card is to help rebuild or establish credit so do not go over board and max out the card.  For those with low scores, secured credit card, can be a great approach to generate current credit history so future lenders or creditors can monitor your current activity with the credit relationship you have with 'xyz' financial institution.

  Depending on your current situation, a personal loan maybe a better option for you.  Taking out a personal loan for the total amount of debt you owe could be used to consolidate the things weighing your score down.  What happens when you do this approach, is that you payoff the many debts owed at the various company's you have a collection account with.  Clearing these company's off your credit report with this approach will cause your credit score to tip higher;  the personal loan that you just used for those balance payoffs is now consolidated down to one loan, with one monthly payment and fixed interest rate for a set monthly term.  Yes, the interest rate may be high but trust the Money Guy because in the end it will worth it once you see how high your score has gotten.

  So I ask you to take a second and examine where your credit score is currently;  Ask yourself could it be higher.  Just know one of these two methods can be a handy tool for your success.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Smoothie A Day, Will Keep Energy Shots Away!

We all have seen the commercials that advertise taking energy shots when you feel that two o'clock sluggish feeling come on.  Trust me, you do not want to give into getting hook on those nasty energy shots just to try and get through the slump portion of your day.  Instead try an grab a fruit blended smoothie for a change.  Fruit smoothies provide an assortment of benefits for your body, but not only that, they are quite tasteful  too.  Smoothies can range from consisting of all fruits to consisting of all vegetables, whichever one is to your personal liking.

Smoothies are so simple to make; either make by following a recipe from a well known site/blog or just grab your blender and your favorite fruits and mix away.  The nutrients provided from consuming a healthy smoothie do so much wonders to the body from supporting the functionality of the heart, to maintaining normal or lower blood pressure, to providing disease fighting antioxidants.  Those are just some of the gainful benefits, the list can be a lot lengthier.  On the other hand, energy shots do not provide a real benefit factor.  What they do provide are high amounts of caffeine loaded into tiny bottles causing you to experience an increase in your chances of high blood pressure, rapid heartbeats, unusual vomiting, nausea, trouble sleeping, and nervousness. If you are new to the energy shot concept, stay away!

Most of us are always trying to find a quick solution to our lack of energy problem when it presents itself daily.  Why not drop the energy shots from your daily work routine or late night study session and instead replace it with a healthy fruit smoothie.  The taste alone will wake your taste buds up and with all the nutrients and vitamins that are consume from just one cup will give you the much needed energy to finish strong.  So to my friends that do not own a blender go find a smoothie bar in your gym, fitness center, or community. No excuses! And for those who have access to a blender, let there not be a sluggish day no more because you possess the tool that will help maximize you throughout the day.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Key to a Healthy Figure: Fruit Infused Water

By now you have all seen the pictures and all the recipes posted on numerous health websites where there is a pitcher filled with water infused with a variety of fruits.  Well the numerous pictures expose a great practice not only gets you to consume more water, but also to help your cleanse toxins within your body. 

The human body is design to naturally cleanse toxins out throughout our daily lives that we live throughout the variety of healthy nutrients that we consume daily.  Sometimes, the amount of vitamins and nutrients that we gain our body are simply not enough to rid some of the excess toxins that build up.  By drinking eight glasses of water each day we can provide the body of the cleanse that is necessary.  The reality, though, is we find it difficult to consume eight glasses of water a day because the fact of the matter is water is boring, tasteless, and unappealing.  This is where infusing water with fruits comes to play.  It rids the outlook on water as boring, tasteless, and unappealing; reintroducing it as enjoyable, tasty, and appealing.

Numerous health benefits are associated with fruit infused water.  The infusion of watermelon in water can support optimal eye health and boosts immunity.  Watermelon is rich with Vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system's defenses against infections and viruses.  If you enjoy adding lemon into your water know this; The citric acid in lemons has the ability to dissolve built-up toxins in the body, allowing them to be flushed out through urination. Try squeezing some lemon juice into a glass of water and drinking first thing in the morning. Infuse water with cucumbers and mint leaves helps to flush out toxins in the liver, kidney and intestine areas.  Allowing for a cleaner functioning digestive system.

The infusion of fruits into water allow for the body to get a great cleanse that will leave you looking and feeling good on both the inside and outside.  So my friends, go ahead an turn that boring glass of water into a flavorful drink that will have you drinking all day long. Bottoms up!


Monday, September 30, 2013

Get Rip Like A Super Hero: Hulk Smash!

Recently, a new style of exercise has been making its mark within the fitness community.  This style, which involves a sledge hammer, is unconventional and fulfills a complete full body workout.

So your probably thinking well why would someone want to workout with a sledge hammer? Glad you asked. Taking a sledgehammer and hitting it against a medium to large size tire triggers various muscles throughout the body that sometimes do not get worked when using a machine in a gym.  This style of workout does involve forms of technique that begin from basic level on up to advance level.  Trust me, it is not as easy as it appears and your endurance will be tested.  Sledgehammer workouts will present some incredible benefits such as building up core strength, shredding body fat, enhancing grip and forearm strength and getting your body rip.

Follow these simple step by step directions and you will be on your way to 'Hulk Smashing' one of the best workouts ever.

1) Lay the tire on its side.
2) Take a diagonal swing stance with either foot forward and start smashing. Perform as many reps in
     30 seconds.
3) Rest 20 seconds; swing from the opposite side.
4) Switch to overhead swings.
5) Rest up to two minutes and repeat all the swings.

 At the end of it all, doing four to five sets total will get the juices flowing and muscles pumped.  Start strong and stay consistent in this workout regime, possibly adding it to your cardio routines so that you can get the most out of building your core.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

No Excuse: Motivation

Fitness Ladies and Gentlemen the new postings will be back very soon. Do apologize for the hiatus of new blog postings.
Please continue to go strong for the team and stay committed to the grind. Trust, the results will always outweigh the excuses.