Saturday, June 30, 2012

Skip The Eight Glasses of Water a Day

We have all heard the general rule of drinking eight glasses of water a day will keep the body cool and hydrated.  Though it can be difficult at times to consume the necessary amounts of water every day, there are helpful ways to consume enough water without the need for the extra glasses.  The secret is fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are filled with hidden amounts of water that can range from twenty to ninety percent.  Did you know that an apple contains eighty four percent of water or that a banana contains seventy four percent of water?  A broccoli contains ninety one percent of water or that an iceberg of lettuce has ninety six percent of water within. So it seems that minimizing the effort to drink eight glasses a day and focusing on including more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet will suffice.  If you really want to walk around keeping track in your head the number of glasses you’ve drunk a day, go ahead.

When these fruits and vegetables are a part of your diet regime, your body will be healthy and at its best.  Ultimately, allowing you to feel energized and rejuvenated throughout the day.  Top three know benefits to take effect are reduction of fatigue, great mood, loss of weight, and younger healthier skin. So don't wait! Get out there and get a little fruity and watch your body change right in front of your eyes.

*water percentages in fruits and vegetables provided by Sandra Bastin, Foods and Nutrition Specialist

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drop the Fast Food….Run!

No matter the region you live everywhere you look there is a fast food restaurant established around the corner.  With so many avenues of foods to choose from it makes it hard to discipline yourself to stick to only healthy food items.  It also does not help that a lot of the fast food restaurants are revamping their menus to low calorie items to attract a healthier market.  Dropping fast food is the best option and here are two reasons why you are better off doing so: obesity and poor food quality.
It is easy to grab a quick bite to eat off the value menu for lunch or a quick snack, but all of those quick bites to eat are slowly increasing your body fat.  The obesity rates in America compared to other countries are sky rocketing due to our daily consumptions of fast food items. The consumption of the food and lack of exercise leads to the increase of weight size and decrease in satisfaction in body image.  
Poor food quality is at its all-time high. points out that “fast food is usually higher in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium than fresh food prepared at home--which is more expensive. High-fat meat, refined grains and foods high in added sugars and fillers are cheaper, adding an economic component to obesity rates. Trans fat often is used to cook fast food, and this type of fat is very detrimental to health.”
This is why the best alternative to fast food is choosing to remove fast food from your diet and consuming more healthier options such as home cooked meals or organic. Doing this will begin the process of cleansing the body of all the harsh grease and fats that are common when frying meats, fries and desserts.  Within the coming months you will feel much better about your eating habits and watch the pounds shed.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

15 Minutes a Day Will Take You a Long Way

Ever wonder where most of your time is spent during each day of the week, it is on online social media outlets.  Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are responsible for reducing the amount of time in an individuals’ day.  The reason is because at least once every hour you are checking your mobile device, laptop, desktop, or tablet to check on status updates and post pictures. It doesn’t matter if you are on for one second or a few minutes, the point is you could have been using that time more productively.  Time is essential to the body when it comes to fitness; you have to put in the time just like you would do any other area if we wish to see results. 

This is why fifteen minutes a day of some sort of exercise preferably abdominal, chest, and light cardio will gradually bring forth results in the long run.  The idea short burst workout would be: decline abdominal plank for two minutes (three sets; place feet on chair, bed or bench), push up for two minutes (three sets; do as many until arms give out), followed by a light three minute jog around neighborhood or park.  This small routine can be replaced with various fun workouts; you just have to discipline yourself to this regime every day.  In no time, your body will be whipped into shape.  So say No to the excuse of not having time during our busy lives and say ‘Yes’ to the exercise.

Remember, no matter how small the effort you put forth to exercise, someone else is home sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If it ain't tight, it ain't Right!

In the Tallahassee area, looking to get fit. Check out personal trainer David ‘Arms’ Burney and his burnercise technique for a great workout session.  His motto is 'If it ain't tight, it ain't right!" 

It only takes one call and you will be on your way to a new and healthier you. Don't think twice, because while you are sitting around twittling your fingers, we are out here getting fit and taking charge of our health.

This certified personal trainer is sure to get you looking right.  He is mobile and all over Tallahassee so if you can't get to him, then he can come to you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Food For Thought: Mango Mojo with Grilled Chicken

Prep: 10min |Cook: 10min |Total: 20min


Puree 1 peeled and chopped mango and 3 Tbsp lime juice in blender.
Transfer to bowl and stir in 3 Tbsp each finely chopped jalapeno (without seeds) and cilantro, 1 tsp minced garlic, and 1/4 tsp cumin. Serve with grilled chicken breast and lime wedges.
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100 Push Up Challenge...Do you dare?

Calling all men and women, this summer lets get rip and shape; I'm challenging you to take part in this 4week challenge that will have you looking and feeling fantastic in one solid month.  All you have have to do is tweet '100pushups' to @Allen_Jr and #Welivegood by Friday June 15th, 2012. Let the fitness challenge begin!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ASK THE MONEY GUY: Do I need a Cosigner or Not?

You know it and I know it as well, we are all assigned a credit score based on our existing debts.  Some individual’s credit score are high and others are simply low.  When in the process of getting a vehicle loan the concern is whether or not you need to get a cosigner.  Some factors that may lead to the need of a cosigner are a low credit score, no credit history, or a high debt/income ratio. 

Banks look at a low credit score as a risk factor; the risk factor is associated with the paying back of the loan amount.  Not that the banks do not trust you, it is the probable assumption that you may become a red flag/collections issue in the near future of the loan.  Not having any credit history is exactly what it credit history.  Banks need to see a pattern in your payment history of previous loans such as student loans, credit cards, etc.  Without credit on file, it does not give banks an idea of what type of risk factor you may or may not be.  The debt/income ratio is typically a percentage that banks go by for each individual where they take the total of your monthly debts and divide it by the total of monthly income to get a risk percentage.  Thirty percent is the maximum a bank will allow an individual’s ratio to fall upon; generally anything above that number is a high risk factor.  These few factors will all have your bank denying you a loan for a vehicle. 
Fortunately, a cosigner can save the day and back you up to potentially help strengthen you in the eyes of the bank.  Having a cosigner on the loan allows for the bank to use the credit score and history of the cosigner to your advantage.  Now the cosigner does except the responsibility of the loan if it happens to default, but if you pay on time throughout the life term of the loan then your credit score will greatly improve and most likely the next time you need a loan you can get one without the extra help of a cosigner.