Saturday, October 12, 2013

Smoothie A Day, Will Keep Energy Shots Away!

We all have seen the commercials that advertise taking energy shots when you feel that two o'clock sluggish feeling come on.  Trust me, you do not want to give into getting hook on those nasty energy shots just to try and get through the slump portion of your day.  Instead try an grab a fruit blended smoothie for a change.  Fruit smoothies provide an assortment of benefits for your body, but not only that, they are quite tasteful  too.  Smoothies can range from consisting of all fruits to consisting of all vegetables, whichever one is to your personal liking.

Smoothies are so simple to make; either make by following a recipe from a well known site/blog or just grab your blender and your favorite fruits and mix away.  The nutrients provided from consuming a healthy smoothie do so much wonders to the body from supporting the functionality of the heart, to maintaining normal or lower blood pressure, to providing disease fighting antioxidants.  Those are just some of the gainful benefits, the list can be a lot lengthier.  On the other hand, energy shots do not provide a real benefit factor.  What they do provide are high amounts of caffeine loaded into tiny bottles causing you to experience an increase in your chances of high blood pressure, rapid heartbeats, unusual vomiting, nausea, trouble sleeping, and nervousness. If you are new to the energy shot concept, stay away!

Most of us are always trying to find a quick solution to our lack of energy problem when it presents itself daily.  Why not drop the energy shots from your daily work routine or late night study session and instead replace it with a healthy fruit smoothie.  The taste alone will wake your taste buds up and with all the nutrients and vitamins that are consume from just one cup will give you the much needed energy to finish strong.  So to my friends that do not own a blender go find a smoothie bar in your gym, fitness center, or community. No excuses! And for those who have access to a blender, let there not be a sluggish day no more because you possess the tool that will help maximize you throughout the day.



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