Sunday, July 3, 2011

Save your Brain, Before It's Too Late!

When we measure our health, we take in the equation of healthy eating + exercise = 'healthy body'. Wrong! Did you know that the most efficient and most effective way of ensuring proper health is workingout your mental muscle "The Brain." As we age the brain slowly decreases in its ability to retain information that seemed so easy to retain when we were younger. Therefore, with the proper mental maintenance the mental muscle will last.

Maintain your brain by staying mentally active. Play a game of Sudoku or crossword in your morning paper. Test yourself, attack one of the various brain games that are offered on the Nintendo Wii.

Stay socially active; get out there and enjoy the nightlife. This is the pass for you to go out and enjoy the club scene. And if that is not for you grab some friends, shoes and bowling balls, check out the the lanes an hit a few strikes.

Stay physically active by running a few miles, mountain climb, grab a ball and shoot some hoops or play a round of tennis at the nearest recreational center.

Be sure to occasionally put aside all the fun and games to take time for tasting a great smoothie or green tea. Stress reduces; take a bite of a fish fillet sandwich and relax. Maintaining a appetite for healthy foods that provide essential nutrients and vitamins will help strenghten the brain.

To clear this all up, maintain your brain because a fit mind leads to a healthy life.


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