Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drop the Fast Food….Run!

No matter the region you live everywhere you look there is a fast food restaurant established around the corner.  With so many avenues of foods to choose from it makes it hard to discipline yourself to stick to only healthy food items.  It also does not help that a lot of the fast food restaurants are revamping their menus to low calorie items to attract a healthier market.  Dropping fast food is the best option and here are two reasons why you are better off doing so: obesity and poor food quality.
It is easy to grab a quick bite to eat off the value menu for lunch or a quick snack, but all of those quick bites to eat are slowly increasing your body fat.  The obesity rates in America compared to other countries are sky rocketing due to our daily consumptions of fast food items. The consumption of the food and lack of exercise leads to the increase of weight size and decrease in satisfaction in body image.  
Poor food quality is at its all-time high. points out that “fast food is usually higher in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium than fresh food prepared at home--which is more expensive. High-fat meat, refined grains and foods high in added sugars and fillers are cheaper, adding an economic component to obesity rates. Trans fat often is used to cook fast food, and this type of fat is very detrimental to health.”
This is why the best alternative to fast food is choosing to remove fast food from your diet and consuming more healthier options such as home cooked meals or organic. Doing this will begin the process of cleansing the body of all the harsh grease and fats that are common when frying meats, fries and desserts.  Within the coming months you will feel much better about your eating habits and watch the pounds shed.


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