Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grab A Rubber.......Get Your Workout On!

It's time to change your conventional workout routines into a more unconventional style. Grab a resistance band and let's do some work. The common question that comes up when we lean towards dropping the iron is...Can rubber build muscle as well as iron does?

Resistance bands are great alternatives to pushing the boring iron in the gym. They are light, flexible and easily accessible to be used at any time and any place. Truth be told, resistance bands can and will have you feeling just as fit and cut as would iron weights. They will turn your boring workout regime into an intense unconventional one by setting the resistance level of your bands. Depending on your level of strength you may need to use a light resistance band or a thicker heavier resistance band. The price of resistance bands range anywhere between ten and thirty dollars at your local sports authority dealers.

Like any workout your muscle endurance will test your comfort level when your exercising with resistant bands. So the key factor behind getting a great workout with resistance bands is establishing a do able routine that is tough enough to keep you motivated. Ladies it's vital to understand the benefits gained from this form of workout exceeds far beyond recognition since resistance bands work great isolating core muscle groups. There is no need to worry if this form of workout will make you too muscular. It won't! Rather, it will make you sweat.

Grab your duffel bag or purse and load it up with a couple bottles of water, a towel, and your resistance bands. Head out to the park, gym, backyard or where ever and let's get those repetitions in. When you dedicate yourself to a strong routine for at least four weeks straight, you will see much better results than you can get in any gym. 

The simple answer to the question is Yes.


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