Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 New Year's Resolution: Get Fit!

Happy New Year's. I know it is kind of late but it is still the start of this 2014 year and what more of a way to start off the year right than with a little health and fitness.  We all know the number one new year resolution set by millions all over the country is to exercise.  Welivegood would like to help you throughout this year by holding ourself accountable for keeping you motivated and committed.  With weekly post and monthly challenges that we hope brings another part of excitement into your exercise commitments. 

Getting fit should be a fun activity and should never feel like a burden or a task.  A few things to keep in mind that will ensure that you stay on path throughout the year.  One, set a goal; whether it is to lose weight or a few inches, even to get leaner and pack on more muscle. Two, develop a plan; every goal that we set no matter what the arena you need a good plan on how you are going to reach and achieve that goal. Three, stick to it; keep track of your progress with a weekly journal so that you can see winning results no matter the gain. Finally, don't beat yourself up.  At the end of the day you try your hardest each day and do this for the change that you want to see.  No one else can be more committed to the goals set than yourself.  So keep focus know that Welivegood has your back.


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