Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pack The Fridge, Meal Prepping For The Weeks To Come


Every great exercise program needs a perfect routine to be planned out to be able to successfully gain the right results.  With that in mind the same concept needs to be worked up for the meals that you consume throughout the week.  Proper meal prepping can be the pivotal point making sure that the outside appearance that you are diligently striving for is sync with the foods that you are feeding your insides.  When done correctly, the desired results will come quicker and stay longer. Do not get the process of preparing foods for weekly consumption misconstrued.  There is a method to this madness that once learned will make all future preparations of the weeks to come seamless.  So head to you local grocery store or food market and grab some ingredients because your fridge is going to be packing.
     The two biggest strategies behind an effective meal prep are preparing specific foods and tracking your progress with a photo journal.  Preparing specific foods consist of gathering the essentials such as proteins, healthy fats, raw greens, and carbs.  Hope you have a bunch of storage containers because you are going to need them. Your going to want to pack a container for breakfast, late morning snack, lunch, late afternoon snack, and dinner.  With the right meal preps and all your storage containers filled with food, there is no doubt that achieving the fitness goals you have set will come easy.  Tracking your progress with a photo journal of the meals you prepare for each hour of the day will allow you to visually monitor the healthy foods that you are consuming throughout each week.  This will come in handy for when you have those days that you steer off course with a meal so you can regain focus by viewing meals you have previously consumed.

     Look no one said this healthy living thing was going to come easy, but with guidance, patience and determination you can do it.  Continue to strive towards the ultimate goal of your fitness journey and the rewards you reap will be worth every drop of sweat, fat, and tear.


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