Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today it seems that everybody sells enhanced water products that are supposed to be beneficial and great alternatives to water.  The largest company in the market today is Vitamin Water.  Vitamin Water has a variety of flavors that such as energy, attention, focus, etc.  These names are placed on the labels to give you an illusion, a false sense of hope because the fact of the matter is that these labels are really a cover for what is behind the scene.  Take a closer look at the nutritional label and witness the proof.  Vitamin Water has about 13grams of sugar per serving in each 20oz bottle; there being 2.5 servings in each bottle that equates to roughly 32grams of sugar in each of the bottles that you drink.  Ahhhha! We shall we call it ‘Sugar Water’. We all have seen the advertisements that promote drinking such drinks after a hard workout or active sport session.  What happen to drinking regular bottled water, which has zero calories, sugar, and everything else these enhanced waters try and offer?  Since the body is composed of a good portion of water, therefore it requires a significant amount of water.  When you substitute water for Vitamin Water, you load the body down with great deal of sugar and quickly dehydrate the body.  

So are we really benefiting from drinking Vitamin Water or have we been manipulated into purchasing well labeled ‘Sugar Water’.  When doing workout sessions at the gym or active sporting sessions, try replacing those other drinks with simple bottled water.  Really read these drink labels and keep fighting the good fight of being healthy and active. 


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