Thursday, March 18, 2010

On my way to a totally fit and healthy body

So for the past month I actually took the time to sit and write out workout plan focused on full body strengthen & conditioning. It includes a combination of critical ab, leg, upper body, and intense cardio exercises. This is no way in comparison to the Spartan 300 workout, but the results gained from this will have you feeling like a Spartan once completed.

Workout Plan One:

Begin with a lite 2min Jog on the treadmill
Stretch (Lower & Upper Body)

Upper Body
Bench Press 5sets:3reps 195lbs
Shoulder Press 5sets:10reps 140lbs
Upright Row 5sets:7reps Curl Bar w/ two 25lbs
Chin Ups 3sets:8reps
Hammer Curls 2sets:8reps 40lbs

Lower Body
Dead Lift 5sets:7reps 135lbs
Leg Lunges 3sets:8reps
Squat Press 5sets:3reps 10% less than max

Plank 2mins
Leg Raises 3sets:10reps
Knee Raises 3sets:20reps
Swiss Ball 2sets:20reps

Cardio (Choose 3 out of the 5)
Jump Rope 10minutes
Elastic Rope Punches 5set:20reps
Jumpn Jacks 200reps
Box Jumps 50reps
Body Weight Squats 50reps

Workout is approximately 1.5-2hrs. Should be done twice a week with a days rest in between. Begin to increase weight every three weeks by 10lbs. This is a ten week plan that guarantees maximization of strength. Also remember to get a good amount of calories and nutrients in your body when strength training because it will require alot for the body to keep up with the training.


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