Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Water vs. Sport Drinks

To keep and maintain total fitness the consumption of healthy drinks and foods must be acquired. One of the biggest myths in exercise is that water is the most reliable source that will revitalize your body during workout routines no matter the intensity. Water is a great source that keeps your body hydrated to certain extends. It meets the body's fluid quota; the problem with water is that it does not have the proper nutrients such as vitamins, sodium, etc. You want to use water during low intensity exercises that require 30 minutes or less in time such as yard work, walking, short runs, quick cardio sessions and low impact sports (tennis and swimming).

When taking on workout exercises that are at a level between medium to high sport drinks are needed to recharge the body's desire for carbohydrates, proteins, sodium, and electrolytes. Yes, sodium is not always a bad thing! Medium to high level workout exercises consist of exercises that require 60 minute or more. During these workouts the loss of sodium during sweating is high and water does not have any sodium to replenish the amount. Dietitian's have completed research that show the idea sport drinks athletes and everyday individuals who workout can make fitness gains from are Gatorade and PowerAde. In addition, supplemental drinks that can be easily purchased from vitamin and nutrition shops provide the perfect mix of nutrients that are best for the body during times of exercise.

My opinion, sport drinks are the best source to rely on when it comes to working out no matter the level of intensity the workout routine may be. Ultimately, sport drinks taste better, rejuvenate, and have the right nutrients that satisfy the body's needs.


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