Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project Fit: College Fitness Challenge

While in college we all have goals some short some big: graduate magna cum-laude, internships, nice paying job, etc. Have you ever thought of incorporating 'being fit' within that list, probably not as much. Project Fit is geared to motivate and encourage you throughout your college journey to challenge yourself to stay in shape and fit so that after college you will want to continue what was started. Project Fit is simply a small project with hopes of eventually enlarging to a greater scale. What is being Fit? Some say it's looking like a super model or having big muscles. By definition 'being fit' is a mixture of cardio endurance, muscular endurance and strength, flexibility, and body composition. This is real total body fitness. Its pretty basic, time is allocated over a course of workout routines during a ten week time period. Finishing this ten week process of weekly workout routines you will feel confident, energized, sexy, strong, and healthy. This is not a contract; this is a motivational tool to help improve you physically and mentally while achieving the goal of 'being fit'. Everyone wants to be fit so why not be apart of the whole and get fit together. Not only is working out a key factor to 'being fit', living a healthy lifestyle is another important factor in the equation. Healthy meals and protein shakes are key factors to succeeding in this endeavor.

Join the challenge to stay fit!


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